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Call Our Experts : 888-276-1239

Custom boxes with perfect die-cut for hair extension packaging

Custom boxes with a die cut window to display hair extension. Beautifully crafted hair extension boxes with an array of features to make hair extension boxes special and attractive. We offer matte, gloss, Gold/silver foiling and many other features to give professional look to hair extension boxes. Talk to our representative right now at 888-276-1239 and book your order for hair extension boxes.

Hair Extension Boxes
Size: Available in all shapes and sizes
Stock: 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS C1S C2S
Finising option: Glossy,Matte, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV
Add on choices: Die cut window, gold foiling/silver foiling
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Custom Design Boxes for Extensions

We are focused on offering innovative hair extension boxes by providing the best designs. We have a vast clientele belonging to different industries around the globe for Hair Extension boxes. We consider their demands by conducting in-depth analysis of their requirement for hair extension boxes. We ask you to prepare a list of demands for hair extension boxes. We do not want any factor to make you feel displeased with placing an order for hair extension boxes with us. Our team of experts has served for above a decade in the hair extension industry. We are able to hire the most talented, skilled and experienced professionals on the basis of excellent reputation for formation of matchless hair extension boxes in the market.

Our professionals know how important it is to cater for your exact requirements of hair extension boxes. We have been manufacturing hair extension boxes for many years. We know how to deal with possible hurdles in hair extension boxes that can occur during this procedure. Get free shipment of hair extension boxes at your doorstep and the best retail rate for hair extension boxes. We are determined to achieve the heights of success while holding your company’s hands in the long run. We intend to enhance your customer base and sales volume through unique, innovative hair extension boxes. We also supply many other options for your Hairspray and hair extension boxes.

Custom Size and Style Window boxes
Everyday new trends of hair extension boxes are introduced in the world of fashion. With this emerging wave of fashion, cosmetics companies are engaging in a race for becoming the market’s top brand with innovative hair extension. For this purpose, the manufacturers of hair extension boxes are making ardent efforts to make their presentation captivating. Providing quality and natural extensions to women has allowed several businesses to grow within minimal time frame in attractive hair extension boxes. Hair extension boxes are designed by keeping in view the type and length of the product.

Addition of panes can give a glimpse of the product inside hair extension. We take pride in providing you the finest quality hair extension which has become our hallmark. Hair Extension boxes will compel the buyers to choose your products. There are dozens of different options for hair extension packaging designing. To obtain an elegant and classy feel, your company can opt for classical black hair extension boxes. Your logo and name acts as your marketing tool. These tactics have become mandatory for every manufacturer and retailer of hair extension. Branding is a must in the modern era. We will develop hair extension boxes with new tools for your marketing efforts.

Hair extension box
Chic and trendy hair extension boxes with window and perfect printing is able to increase the response rate. Most companies keep its shape in long and rectangular form. We can mention the specifications, instructions and other information on it. Alterations such as sleeves and handles can be added to get the unique look according to your business demands. Accessories and embellishments can be attached to enhance their appeal. The pony tail extension exhibits a tutorial which explains the usage and they are available at low retail rate.

We understand that every company wants to differentiate itself from competitors in its industry. Due to this, modification becomes a must for them. We can prepare hair extension boxes using up-to-date technology. We utilize highly equipped plant for manufacturing and the latest techniques to deliver them. It saves plenty of time in completing the orders. Investing in the technology and highly equipped plant has paid immense returns to our management. It has enabled us to maintain the economical price tag. We stay informed when it comes to new and upcoming trends in the industry. Our engineers are not afraid of implementing innovative methods to come up with fantastic options.

Importance of impressive hair extension boxes
Different products are packaged in stunning options for an added value. Fish tail annex are quite popular nowadays. We can offer appealing packaging for the particular wigs. In addition to marketing and promotion aspects, they also perform the duty of protecting and safe guarding from outside factors such as dust and moisture. It can damage the natural beauty of wig. Addition of delightful tag lines and bright schemes with charismatic images can create an impressive effect on potential consumers. We offer a variety of creative and fascinating designs and glamorous colors along with huge range of other alterations in a box. We can manufacture hair extension boxes as per your demands. Professionalism and diligence shows off in our daily operations.

We have the capability to deliver impressive solution to you. Our engineers have the required experience for preparing design with free shipping in the United States which will allow you to cut cost and enjoy increased profit. In this way, we are able to deliver flawless packing boxes. We will win your confidence in terms of cost, durability, high quality, timely delivery and ease of access. Women always see the products before purchasing them. This is where we have the opportunity to captivate the minds of viewers and bring about their purchase decision. We allow them to receive their order painlessly. We are delivering orders at client’s doorstep charging zero pennies. Attractive hair extension boxes are important for cosmetic retailers and manufacturers. Let us know if your company needs a particular option. We also offer Pyramid shape along with many other special products.

Captivating cardboard hair extension boxes
We use these sheets for production due to their special and beneficial characteristics. This material is made up of many layers which give them stiffness to hold things easily. Our professional team can manufacture your imaginary themes using new techniques and these sheets. We offer free shipping in the US at your doorstep.

Kraft hair extension boxes
Kraft is a porous material of naturally brown feel. It is best for the needs of wigs. Its porous structure makes air to pass through it to keep the contents safe from unwanted odors. These printing that looks simple and decent in brown color but we can make them appealing by adding windows and designs on them. We print them to your specifications. Its surface is grainy which enables us to develop shiny printing.

Corrugated hair extension boxes
They are sensitive to temperature as high temperatures can spoil them by producing odd odor. To protect your items from such damage we offer this material which is insulated for safety. It is made up of three layers among which the central layer is of insulation. It protects them from high temperature of the environment. Three layers protect from smell and external damage. Outer surface of corrugated box enables flawless printing which can be used for your branding.

Recyclable hair extension boxes
An ordinary box does not decompose after use which is a major factor for soil pollution. Our custom printed boxes made of cardboard are environment friendly. They decompose when buried in soil. This feature makes them eco-friendly. A more beneficial aspect is their recycling. You can recycle them to save money. In the recycling process the used boxes are made usable again. You can also get your old boxes in new shape by recycling them. This makes them useful and helps to keep our environment clean.

Economical rate offer
We are willing to address your concerns when it comes to your desired printing boxes. We are determined to enhance your customer base with innovative custom boxes. Our product will prevent any damages from occurring. We have never let you down regarding delivery time. We have gained extensive experience by catering for the needs of customers belonging to more than 30 industries. Cost of boxes is the main concern of companies when it comes to print services. We ensure to offer the lowest prices of boxes. We have kept our prices under control by implementing sound strategies.

Fill the website order form for receiving a quote for boxes. We have designed a simple-to-fill form. Take out 2 minutes from your valuable time to get boxes at retail price. You may attach specific artwork for printing. Our representative will get back to you without any delay. Dial 888-276-129 for live assistance or email to sales@emenacpackaging.com.

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