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Choose the best box style in perfect size to keep products in attractive packaging

We let you choose the best box style according to your product specifications to obtain a perfect packaging. You may pick from various box styles manufactured using durable materials. Customized boxes with tuck ends and flaps will provide secure packaging whereas, the hang tabs on the box allow them to be showcased on front counters by hanging them. Just pick your favorite style below with right size and let our sales team do the rest.

Styles that make your product stand out on shelves

Emenac Packaging offers a variety of custom styles to keep your products with stylish looks. Customized box in style of your choice stand out on the shelves and add exclusive looks. We let you choose from a variety of styles to gain a perfect box which not only provides packaging but, also makes your product stand out on the shelves. You may pick your desired style and consult our team to get your box manufactured in that particular design.

Numerous box styles in sizes of your choice
You can find various styles for boxes to pick for your product. The boxes with tuck ends and flaps are ideal for keeping your products in secure packaging whereas, the dispenser style provides easy access and removal of the item inside. The auto bottom lock box becomes ideal for quickly getting the packaging ready with secure bottom when a product is inserted in it. You may also opt for sleeve style with slide out tray to keep items in distinctive packaging. The gable style with handle provides a unique packaging with the option to carry your products around easily. We also offer the display box to promote your product by keeping on shelves and front counters in prominent packaging. Whether you are looking for regular styles or want a distinctive one like the two piece boxes, we manufacture them for you to keep your product.

You got product, we have custom boxes
Emenac Packaging offers to custom manufacture the box in your chosen style, and the size of the box is also kept according to your product dimensions to obtain a perfect storage solution. If you have a custom design in our mind which is not displayed on our website, we can also custom manufacture it for you as per your specifications. Our designers carefully create styles for you to ensure you get the best packaging. You can get in touch with us by calling at 888-276-1239. You can also share your favorite style by emailing to

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