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Eyeliner boxes to make your makeup line the sign of economy and class combined

With a multitude of makeup producers promoting their products, how do you present yours to the profit of your pocket? We supply specially prepared eyeliner boxes to grab your customers’ eyes and lash lines. Dial 888-276-1239 to get eyeliner boxes in all sizes, shapes, styles, designs, and prices that you like.

Eyeliner Boxes

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Eyeliner Boxes

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Custom eyeliner packaging boxes

Get eyeliner boxes specially tailored to your preferences and vie for fans of your brand in grand style. To help you prosper in today’s hyper-competitive cosmetics market, Emenac Packaging brings you an amazing opportunity to obtain your very own boxes that’ll grab consumers’ eyes and lash lines. Display your eyeliners in a way that your target audience chooses your variety undoubtedly off the cosmetics aisle in innovative boxes.

Excel in this sensitive affair
Eye makeup is a sensitive affair. So while you take care of ladies’ eyes, our packaging ensures your revenues rise. We provide premium quality, lowest cost cardboard, Kraft paper boxes and corrugated board boxes. Get the eyeliner boxes you want. Specifications and print of the boxes will perfectly fit your preferences. Get a transparent window on the boxes for a panoramic association of customers with your eyeliners. Get a handle on top of the boxes to conveniently carry the product. We’re not only your boxes provider but also an extension of your marketing department. We put advertising content on your custom eyeliner boxes to accentuate their unique characteristics. Plus always remember the expiry date that can be mentioned on boxes. You’ll find our prices of boxes so incredibly low that they won’t add any significant costs to your customized cosmetics boxes at all. After all, we know how vital your final product cost is to you.

Your design options are limitless
The space available on your custom printed eyeliner boxes may be limited but your designing options are not. With our latest digital printing techniques, you have endless choices to decorate your eyeliner boxes as colorfully as you imagine. We’d love printing the artwork you send us for boxes. Additionally, we have engaged in our facility a team professional designers to provide you free designing suggestions for boxes. They’ll help you come up with your dream designs and get them perfectly printed on your custom boxes. Finishing options include glossy, matte, aqueous coating, spot UV, foil stamping, embossing, debossing, inner lamination, and many more at amazingly cheap prices.

We love to help you
Choose us as your eye pencil box provider with printing and we’ll deliver the quickest turnaround time. Whenever you need any help in getting custom printed eyeliner boxes, we’ll talk you through the complete process from the scratch to free shipping of your eyeliner boxes anywhere in the US. Call 888-276-1239 or shoot your questions at and we’ll help you at the lowest costs.

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